February 7 - March 1, 2008


The Elizabeth Leach Gallery is please to present a new body of work entitled Evidence, by Northwest artist
Barbara Sternberger.

In Evidence, Sternberger continues to immerse herself in the process of painting and the exploration of
color in her works on canvas. In this recent body of work, Sternberger takes note of balance as an essential
ingredient. Formal issues, such as color, light and space are set in balance with conceptual issue. These
issues include offsetting memory with remembering, intention with the intuitive, willpower and surrender,
patience versus chance, comfort weighted against bravery.
process and product give equal
importance to that which is seen and that which is experienced in the work.

Barbara Sternberger
has exhibited both regionally and nationally, and her paintings are included in
numerous private and public collections. A lecturer at Western Washington University, she lives and works
in Bellingham, Washington.