Recent work

March 6 - April 26, 2008

Al Souza transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary with his sculptural panels and intricate works on
paper. Each panel consists of numerous puzzles, found in thrift stores and on E-bay, assembled in
large segments. The fragmented imagery - animals, toys, skyscrapers - placed on top of one another,
creates a cacophony of the commonplace, with copious amounts of richly colored images layered together
in unpredictable and amusing combinations. Souza applies a similar approach in his paper works, overlaying
pieces of cut posters, prints and even Braille paper, each lace-like layer further abstracting the one below.

From a distance, Souza’s large works are fantastic abstractions of color and texture. When viewed up close,
individual sections in each work become apparent, creating intriguing and unique narratives.
Within each panel or work on paper, Souza creates an alternate presence for the everyday objects, building
and molding them into a new, greater whole.

Al Souza has shown his work internationally since 1973, and is the recipient of a Pollock-Krasner
Foundation Grant, a Rockefeller Foundation Grant and a National Endowment for the Arts Visual Arts
Fellowship. Souza's work is included in the collections of the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Yale University