sight line

May 1 - May 31, 2008

_i_sight line__i_

Amanda Wojick presents a new body of work in sight line, an installation of four separate, yet closely
related large-scale works. Widely known for her small, intricate sculptures and collages on paper, utilizing
materials that include Band-Aids and paint chips, Amanda Wojick has taken on a macro view with this
significant new body of work.

Wojick’s sculpture Between is a freestanding object covered on all sides with thousands of hand cut and
hand painted polystyrene rectangles. The rectangles are organized into a grid, but gently tilt in multiple
directions off vertical and horizontal planes of axis, with the resulting spatial field giving the illusion of
movement. During is a series of three large-scale works on paper, each covered with thousands of hand cut
yellow adhesive pads. This piece grew out of Wojick’s desire to create an optical illusion, and explore the
visual phenomenon of afterimage. The dots in During establish themselves as an inverse vocabulary to the
blue lines in Between. The sculpture Among is a stack of 15 clusters of hand cut and hand painted
polystyrene. Embodying a different type of energy and emotion than the other works, the configuration of
Among differs slightly each time it is installed due to the infinite ways the individual units can be stacked.
This creates tension between permanent and impermanent, as well as a contrast of stability and unrest.
Wojick’s fourth piece, After, is constructed with bundles of brightly colored painted wooden dowels, held
together with red rubber bands. Similar to Among, tenuous connections in this piece suggest an
impermanent, portable, and collapsible structure. After appears to be barely held together in space, and the
weight of the lines bend gently, yielding to gravity.

Amanda Wojick received her MFA from Bard College in 2000, and is currently the head of the sculpture
program at the University of Oregon. Wojick’s recent exhibitions include Multiplicity at Spaces Gallery in
Cleveland, Ohio, and The Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum. She is the recipient of numerous
grants and awards from organizations including The Ragdale Foundation, Portland Art Museum, Alfred
University, and Bard College.