June 5 - June 28, 2008


In Relations, an exhibition which ranges in scale from single pedestal pieces to large impressive towers
of cast glass, Henry Hillman Jr. continues his explorations in his medium of choice. Precise color selection,
hand firing and custom made kilns produce strong transparent hues as Hillman masterfully ‘paints’ within
each sculpture, layer by layer, creating mesmerizing combinations of color and light. In this recent body of
work, Hillman, moves beyond casting singular colors into a more expressive use of the cast glass process,
whereby he meticulously layers individual colors in the interior of each cast form. The result is much like
looking into a joyful work by Sam Francis, the abstract expressionist painter, in three-dimensional form.

Henry Hillman Jr.’s sculptures have been featured in exhibitions around the country. His work can be found
in numerous public and private collections including the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
and the Portland Art Museum, Portland, Oregon. Hillman’s glass studio, Fourth Dimension Studios, opened
its doors in Northwest Portland in 1994.