Dianne Kornberg
Evidence Of Its Occurence

March 16 - April 2, 2005

_b_Dianne Kornberg__b__br_Evidence Of Its Occurence
It is with great pleasure that the Elizabeth Leach Gallery presents two major photography exhibitions during the month of March. The gallery’s one-person exhibit features new work by well-known Northwest artist Dianne Kornberg. This body of work, evidence of its occurrence, was developed over a period of two years. The group exhibition entitled “Photographers’ View: Found and Invented Construct” will feature regional and nationally established artists.

Continuing her interest in merging the two worlds of science and art, Dianne Kornberg has spent the past two years at the University of Washington’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island, photographing the marine algae Herbarium. The result is a sensual and painterly interpretation of the sea life. Returning to her lab, Kornberg manipulates the botanical images to meet her artistic point of view - incorporating text found and invented - to add another layer of meaning to these works. The subtlety of the completed image belies the painstaking time to create images with up to 16 layers of color. Visually elegant, they suggest the fugitive and transitory nature of delicate life forms.